Bringing Green Chemistry To Light

Singlotech’s patented core technology centres on a novel process that takes a certain class of very important water insoluble organic dyes and renders them temporarily water soluble. This “transient solubility” enables these dyes to be deposited onto (or into) a wide range of target materials (including organic tissue) in a manner that would not be possible any other way. Until now, these dyes would have had to be either chemically (and permanently) modified or dissolved in organic solvents to achieve this result. However, these existing processes have several inherent disadvantages. Firstly, chemical modification changes the properties of the dye, which can be disadvantageous in many situations. Secondly, the use of organic solvents can have a deleterious effect on the target material. Thirdly, organic solvents have potential toxicity and disposal problems so that their use is totally precluded if the dye is to enter living tissue. Singlotech’s elegantly simple and environmentally safe technology eliminates these problems and affords a new and novel way to apply this important class of dyes.

About Us

Singlotech Ltd., a developmental-stage biotechnology company with research in Ripley UK, is now seeking “qualified alliances” worldwide with potential licensees for its novel “Green” dye delivery technology in order to promote the next key stages of its research and development strategies. LEARN MORE

Green Chemistry

Stated most simply, green chemistry is the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances ... LEARN MORE


Discover the amazing antimicrobial power of SingloTex™. SingloTex™ utilizes an organic dye to react with light to produce what’s known as Singlet Oxygen. Singlet Oxygen is nature’s defence against bacteria. It is a natural antimicrobial agent, delivering superior protection against odour-causing bacteria. Singlet Oxygen and its unique properties are why we named our company Singlotech. LEARN MORE